2015 Toyota Camry to Be More… Emotional?

2015 Toyota Camry to be More Emotional than the 2014 ModelHow would we describe the Toyota Camry? Dependable, refined, recognizable, traditional, safe, affordable, impressive, surprising even (Camry thrill ride, anyone?). There are a plethora of adjectives we could use to describe the Camry… but we’re not sure emotional would be one of them.

Well, Toyota wants to change that with the 2015 Toyota Camry. Kevin Hunter, head of Toyota’s US design department explained at the Detroit Auto Show: “Camry’s taken some hits on styling, but it’s still selling well. But we need to create better design for Camry in the future.” Hunter promised a “more emotional, more impactful design” for the 2015 Toyota Camry.

The Toyota Camry has been one of the best-selling cars in America for quite some time, and although we’ve always been sold on the Camry’s reliability, there’s no doubt that Toyota fans would love it even more with a little bit of updated stylistic finesse.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any updates on the more “emotional” 2015 Toyota Camry, so be sure to stay in the loop here on the Empire Toyota blog!

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